Please open your hearts to give hope to the displaced survivors, by sponsoring their critical Mental Health Sessions:

Sponsor a victim’s entire Psychiatry evaluation and treatment process for: £275

Since the massacre in Israel’s South, over 500,000 people have been displaced and in need of mental health assistance as soon as possible. The sounds of gunfire, confinement in bomb shelters for hours on end, the sight of dead bodies – have combined to create severe trauma that, if left untreated, will develop into a dangerous post-trauma that can accompany anyone for many years.

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In response to the current national crisis, Israel Magen Fund is raising money to provide free treatment to as many of these people as possible that have been impacted by this devastating loss. Israel Magen Fund is collaborating with Healthy Mind, the largest online Psychiatry service provider in Israel today to provide a full Psychiatry service.

Each person will receive comprehensive online Psychiatry sessions that provide a full Psychiatric Intake, Diagnosis, Personalized Treatment plan, and Follow-up, all by a team of psychiatrists and mental health specialists including psychologists and social workers. Healthymind is contributing this service at cost.

The cost for this service is £275 per person and we make sure the person gets on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

“כל המציל נפש אחת כאילו הציל עולם ומלואו”
“Whoever saves one soul is as if he saved the whole world”