Israel Magen Trust UK, founded by veteran resource development and crisis management personnel, raises and distributes funds directly to organizations in Israel and around the world involved in emergency response, humanitarian aid in times of distress and saving lives by providing medical equipment and supplies as needed.

Israel Magen Trust UK believes in full transparency and communication with its donors and a swift and timely response to funding life-saving and humanitarian projects primarily in Israel, as well as internationally. 

The Israel Magen Trust UK

  • selects, vets and approves the medical and humanitarian projects that require funding
  • purchases the selected products/services directly,
  • supplies them directly to the organization in need
  • monitors and manages their ongoing use
  • updates donors on a regular basis.

This transparent way of working translates into the best use and management of donor funds, with recipient projects selected based on a real need that can be swiftly and efficiently answered.

If you would like to hear more about specific projects adopted by the Israel Magen Israel UK Trust, please contact David Rose at 07809669939

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